HONEST AGENTS working hard to bring you the best CHURCH INSURANCE for your congregation.

At the Darol Bell Agency, we know that Texas churches and related non-profit organizations, like Christian schools, have different needs for protection than the usual business. We know this because we come to your church and actually look around your building to determine the best property insurance and liability insurance to fit YOUR church.  We’ll design a specialized church insurance coverage package that will address all of your needs so you won’t have to worry about the unexpected. We’re independent, so we can take your information to some of the best insurance providers to get you a better quote.  We make sure to focus on key areas such as:

Property Insurance for your CHURCH Building

Coverage for things like stained glass and sound equipment—not merchandise stock and sales reports. We look for what you actually need coverage for and NOT what you don’t.  Does your church have:

  • Steeples?
  • Pipe organ?
  • Minimal contents?
  • Attached pews?
  • Sound Equipment?

Liability Insurance for CHURCH Programs

Coverage for things like Religious Expression and Sexual Misconduct—not product recalls or faulty workmanship. Does your church have:

  • A benefits program for you employees?
  • A small/large youth group?
  • Professional counseling?
  • Armed guards?

Not just Business Insurance—CHURCH Insurance

We work hard to make sure that your church is covered as a CHURCH and not just another business.  We tailor our policies to handle several different church related scenarios such as:

  • Theft reimbursement
  • Protection for your religious beliefs
  • Off-site activities
  • Festivals and special events

Christian Schools and other Non-Profit Insurance

Christian schools don’t always operate like other schools.  We know that you have to make every penny count. That’s why we make sure you are well equipped for things like:

  • Religious beliefs in your curriculum
  • Educators covered for their teachings

15 Passenger Vans Insurance

Having trouble finding insurance for your church vans?  We’ve got you covered!  We have coverage for 15 passenger vans (extended body vans) with only minimal requirements.

Sexual Misconduct Insurance

Even if your youngest member is 65, this could still be an issue for your church. Does your church have a plan of action for dealing with these issues?

  • Defense costs
  • Bogus Claims

Religious Expression Insurance

Changes in the law putting your church at risk?  We may have an answer. This coverage could help your church in times where your church’s scriptural stance comes under scrutiny.

  • Use of your facility
  • Request for positions of leadership

Our Church Insurance Comes with Excellent Service as Well

We’re independent, so we can shop top-of-the-line providers to get you a better quote. We also pride ourselves on treating your church with personal service so you can concentrate on your important work with a safe ministry!

  • Save with more affordable rates
  • Feel secure & completely protected
  • Get coverage specific to your issues & needs
  • Insurance Coverage explained in layman’s terms
  • Count on personalized & friendly service